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Article: TNC Tip #1 - Breast Combing

TNC Tip #1 - Breast Combing

TNC Tip #1 - Breast Combing

Breast Combing to help prevent mastitis

If your breasts are feeling engorged and lumpy then the chances are you may have areas of blocked or curdled milk, which can cause painful mastitis.

Mastitis is a condition that some women experience which causes the breast tissue to become hot, hard, inflamed and painful. Mastitis can make you feel very unwell and ache from head to toe, giving you hot flushes and chills, similar to having the flu. If you think you may have these symptoms contact your GP for guidance. 

Getting these blockages moving will help stop mastitis in its tracks and often prevent it altogether. 

At the first sign of a lump and before each feed our handy tip is comb your breasts. Yep that's right we did say comb! Use a serrated Gun Sha (like this one) or a bamboo comb which is softer on the skin than plastic and begin to comb the breast from the top down towards the nipple, all the way round the breast.

Imagine your breast is half of an orange, picture the segments, now you want to use a steady, firm pressure, hard enough to feel that you are moving the flow, but not heard enough to hurt and comb down each segment. The pressure should feel nice and soothing, you could also use a little oil to help the Gua Sha or comb glide over your skin. 

After doing the above, latch baby for a feed; they will encourage the milk to move through the breast. As baby feeds try to continue to comb from armpit to nipple, focusing on the lumpy areas. 

You should start to feel relief quite quickly. Repeat this with every feed until the breast is soft and lump-free.

Try to keep hydrated by drinking herbal teas (click here for our soothing tea selection) and lots of warm water which will also help to flush out general toxins.

Please note - If the problems persists, or if you have a fever, are feeling unwell or experiencing flu-like symptoms please do seek medical advice.


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