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How about taking some time for yourself? This brand new belly mask guarantees you a cocooning moment.

Its complex of ingredients is made with marine active ingredients and hyaluronic acid that hydrates your belly, soothes skin and calms instantly itchy feeling. It also helps to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Its organic plant oils (avocado and olive) and shea butter provide all the nutrition your belly needs during your pregnancy. 

The soothing sheet mask "La Pause Douceur" is a new innovative skincare specially designed for the belly of pregnant women. It is a very soft belly mask made from 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly bio-cellulose.

This mask contains 50ml of serum, enriched in hyaluronic acid, marine minerals, shea butter and organic plant oils (avocado and olive). It hydrates, soothes and instantly reduces the sensations of tightness and itching. It nourishes the skin and helps to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. The belly skin is immediately softer, soothed and hydrated. 

Made in France with maternity and skin experts, La Pause Douceur Daylily Paris guarantees a total safety for you and your baby from the first month of pregnancy. It is formulated without parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, alcohol, essential oils, allergens, paraffinum liquidum, PEG.

This skincare gently envelops your belly for a unique moment of relaxation. It perfectly complements your special pregnancy routine and gives you a well-deserved sweet break.

Soothing Belly Mask - "La Pause Douceur"
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