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✓ Covered with natural wax (beeswax and vegetable oil)
✓ 100% biodegradable and compostable MOSO bamboo
✓ Strong and durable
✓ Laser engraving
✓ Length: 15 cm
✓ Width: 6.5 cm

The little extras:
✓ Allows you to massage the scalp
✓ Brings shine to your hair
✓ Prevents your hair from breaking and reduces split ends
✓ Prevents the appearance of dandruff
✓ Regulates excess sebum
✓ Does not irritate the scalp
✓ Antistatic
✓ Ideal for frizzy, afro and curly hair
Bamboo Wide Tooth Comb
Bamboo Wide Tooth Comb Sale price£3.50 Regular price£5.50