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Dabble & Dollop

Stephanie Leshney spent twenty years in the natural ingredient business and ran one of the largest ingredient suppliers in the Western US. She dreamed up Dabble & Dollop as a way to bottle the sense of magic, experimentation and imagination she witnessed during her family business’ annual “Kids Science Day”, where she turned the office into an interactive laboratory where kids made their own shampoos, bubble baths and more. The event proved a great way to create smiles through science.

It was at home later that evening, while giving her own three bubble bath-crazed toddlers a bath, that the product idea for Dabble & Dollop started to take shape. She watched as her kids mixed the bubble bath with the shampoo and recognized an opportunity to create a better bath experience.

Her twenty years of natural and specialty ingredient experience, along with her vast contacts within the industry, allowed her to create the simple, safe, exceptionally clean formulations behind Dabble & Dollop

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