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Crafted from the finest Sri Lankan black tea combined with vibrant beetroot and laced with rich, velvety. This decadent combination is lower in caffeine than traditional tea and is perfect when a gentle pick-me-up is needed. 

If you decide to have caffeine while you are pregnant, we have created this indulgent treat to make every sip worth it. 

You are allowed caffeine during your pregnancy journey but no more than 200mg per day, which is equivalent to about 2 cups of black tea a day. 

Each pack contains 12 whole leaf tea pyramids.

Sri Lankan black Tea

With 45% black tea content, it is lower in caffeine than traditional tea. Black tea benefits from an energising effect due its greater oxidation than other teas and, therefore a greater antioxidant content.

Cocoa Nibs 
Delicious notes of chocolate with a velvety smooth finish

Beetroot is a colourful addition to this blend, rich in antioxidants. It livens up this blend