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The Stretch Mark Lotion was created specifically for pregnant and breastfeeding women to ensure maximum safety. Clinically tested under strict dermatological control, it is hypoallergenic and does not contain any toxic ingredients to avoid during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

This product effectively prevents stretch marks from forming while moisturising the skin. This body lotion primarily plays a preventive role, but it helps correct new stretch marks as well.

Its unique formula features dermochlorella, a high potency active derived from a microalga, that stimulates collagen and elastic fibre production. We selected 5 plant oils known for their nourishing, softening and regenerative benefits: rosehip seed, sweet almond, olive, avocado and macadamia nut.

Our “Lait Fondant” has a light texture that immediately melts into the skin (we know how frustrating it is to wait to get dressed – problem solved!). Its delicate and discreet floral scent was carefully developed to please even the most sensitive sense of smell.

Made in France in close collaboration with maternity and skin specialists, Daylily Paris Stretch Mark Lotion can be safely applied from the very first month of pregnancy, with absolutely no risk for the mother and her baby in utero. This natural, hypoallergenic and vegan formula does not contain any controversial or toxic ingredients to avoid during pregnancy and breastfeeding: we excluded endocrine disruptors, essential oils, alcohol, phenoxyethanol and many more.

Stretch Mark Lotion - "Le Lait Fondant" 200ml
Stretch Mark Lotion - "Le Lait Fondant" 200ml Sale price£22.75